– Bekerja sebagai entrepreneur atau profesional karir adalah panggilan individu dari setiap pribadi kita. Make sure you choose the right one that fit to you!

Dan lewat artikel ini, Bp. Tommy Lim as Deputy Director – Project Management at PT. Adaya Asia memberikan sharing dan ini artikel yang bisa memberikan kita pengetahuan dan persiapan sebagai anak muda jalan mana yang harus di tempuh.

Jack Ma’s Advice to The Young

Before 20 Years Old:

Be a good student. The way to entrepreneur, just learn some experience.

Before 30 Years Old:

Follow somebody. Go to a small company. Normally in a big company it’s good to learn processes. You’re a part of a big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams, and you learn how to do lots of things at any one time. So before 30 years old, it’s not which company you go, it’s which boss you follow. It’s very important. A good boss teaches you differently.

From 30 to 40 Years Old:

You have to think very clearly if you want to work for yourself. If you really want to be an entrepreneur.

From 40 to 50 Years Old:

You have to do all the things that you are good at. Don’t try to drop into the new area, it’s too late. You may be successful, but the rate of dying is too big. Think about how to focus on things that you’re good at.

From 50 to 60 Years Old:

Work for the young people. Because young people can do better than you. So rely on them, invest on them, making sure that they are good.

Over 60 Years Old:

Spend time on yourself, on the beach, sunshine, it’s normally too late for you to change. This is my advice to young people: At 25-years old, make enough mistakes. Don’t worry. You fall, you stand up. Enjoy it. Enjoy the show.

Jack Ma on Regrets:

I regret a lot of things. I regret that I meet the Media. I regret that I speak in the public. Because I could have my own privacy. I regret that I work so hard and spend so little time with my family. If I have another life, I would never do things like this. And my wife said: “You do not belong to me. You belong to Alibaba.” But, in all, Life is so short. It’s all about experience. People seek different views. Some people think you’re rich, you’re successful. But you’re not! Some people say this guy does not have money and he’s a terrible guy. Maybe not! So everybody choose his or her own life. We have a lot of problems that people never thought of. Because running a company for 34,000 young people, operating a company for more than 500 million people. If 1% of the 500 million people are bad guys, you got 5 million bad guys. So it’s a headache. But it’s too late to regret. Forget about regret. Think about I have another 10-20 years to go. So enjoy the show, enjoy the ride. You’re the same.


Integrity, Intelligence, Energy & Maturity

Quality yang dicari Warren Buffett : INTEGRITY, INTELLIGENCE  dan ENERGY.

Artikel lengkap silakan baca di bagian bawah. Sebelum ke artiket itu, ada tip dari Jack Welch.


Tip dari Jack Welch mantan CEO General Electric

* Yang wajib ketika kita mencari orang untuk dapat bekerja, termasuk sifat ini harus ada di kita juga : INTEGRITY, INTELLIGENCE dan MATURITY.

* Next 4 E Framework filter :

  1. ENERGY : positive energy

      People with positive energy are generally extroverted and optimistic. They make conversation and friends easily.

They start the day with enthusiasm and usually end it that way too, rarely seeming to tire in the middle.

They don’t complain about working hard; they love to work.

  1. ENERGY GIVER (ENERGIZER) : the ability to energise others

People who energize can inspire their team to take on the impossible—and enjoy the hell out of doing it.

  1. EDGE : the courage to make tough yes-or- no decisions

The world is filled with gray. Anyone can look at an issue from every different angle. Some smart people can—and will—analyze those angles indefinitely.

But effective people know when to stop assessing and make a tough call, even without total information.

Little is worse than a manager at any level who can’t cut bait, the type that always says, “Bring it back in a month and we’ll take a good, hard look at it again,” or that awful type that says yes to you, but then some- one else comes into the room and changes his mind.

  1. EXECUTE : the ability to get the job done

Being able to execute is a special and distinct skill. It means a person knows how to put decisions into action and push them forward to completion, through resistance, chaos, or unexpected obstacles. People who can execute know that winning is about results.

If a candidate has the four Es, then you look for that final P—passion. 

By passion, I mean a heartfelt, deep, and authentic excitement about work. People with passion care— really care in their bones—about colleagues, employees, and friendswinning. They love to learn and grow, and they get a huge kick when the people around them do the same.

The funny thing about people with passion, though, is that they usually aren’t excited just about work. They tend to be passionate about everything. They’re sports trivia nuts or they’re fanatical supporters of their almamaters or they’re political junkies.

Secara garis besar, kedua tokoh bisnis kelas dunia ini mencari kualitas karakter yang relatif sama : integrity, intelligence, enargy (dan maturity).

What Warren Buffett Wants to Know Before He Hires You

by Recruiterbox

Hiring right is easier said than done. Everyone has their two cents about sourcing, screening and hiring, but what ends up mattering are the tried and true methods. Warren Buffett has been known for his no nonsense, down to earth business style, so it’s no surprise that the three main qualities Buffett looks for are simple and common sense.

We’ve all made hiring mistakes. Whether we’re in a rush to get a position filled, or simply didn’t screen well, some bad hires have slipped through the cracks. The cost of these employees can weigh heavily on the organization. Hiring practices are just another one of those processes that get refined over time and with knowledge. Take a few pointers on hiring right from a great in the business world, Warren Buffett.

“Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire , you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy . And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.” –Warren Buffett

Scott Olson of Getty Images cleverly maps out why each candidate must possess all three of these important traits:

  • Low integrity , high energy and high intelligence and you have a smart, fast-moving thief
  • Low energy , high intelligence and integrity and you have a shopkeeper, not an engine of growth
  • Low intelligence , high energy and integrity and you have strong functionary, but not a great problem solver or visionary


Of the three main qualities that Buffett looks for in the hiring process , Integrity is listed first. A lack of integrity will inevitably lead to a lack of trust. When someone is untrustworthy, that impacts every aspect of his or her life, and work is a major one.

Regardless of how thorough each interview process is, hiring managers and recruiters can only gather a picture. Keep in mind, that picture is one that the candidate has a large part in painting. The more important the position, the more extensive the screenings, background checks and reference reviews should be. If small lies or misrepresentations are spotted, you can be sure that there will be other, more significant marks of lack of integrity.


Although this is the easiest quality to measure, it can be the hardest to spot. There are so many different types of intelligence. A complete dingbat might have the emotional intelligence of psychiatrist, while a genius coder might have the social skills of a 3 year-old. Knowing what you need in a candidate is the first step.

Employers can use several different types of test to gauge each type of intelligence. Puzzles, games, tests and interviews are all great ways to gain insight into each individual candidate’s areas of strength and intelligence. As the screening process goes on, challenge their problem solving skills, strategic abilities and ingenuity.


This doesn’t equate to finding the fast talker and walker. What companies need is someone with a lot of mental energy. The employee who is always thinking, the one who comes prepared for meetings and actually has input. Energy is pretty easy to spot in the hiring process . Body language, dialogue and facial expressions are all great indicators of energy levels.

On top of mental energy, there is the need for physical endurance. The workday can get long and tedious. The employee who doesn’t appear to need a nap by 11:00am is most likely the one who is actually getting work done. High energy is just as contagious for co-workers as it is for customers and clients.

There you have it, straight from Buffett himself, the three main characteristics to consider in the hiring process –integrity, intelligence and energy. A good mix of all three is needed for the success of the organization. As we refine recruiting and hiring processes, it never hurts to look to those who have come before us for some guidance.



Dalam proses perjalanan hidup memang tidak mudah, Anak muda itu mempunyai sifat terlalu egois, terlalu idealis, walaupun semangat yang tinggi. Kegagalan sangat mungkin terjadi dalam proses pembelajaran itu. Tidak ada kesuksesaan yang instant. Saya belajar bahwa Tuhan sudah mempersiapkan waktu yang tepat untuk kita semua jika kita tahu apa mau Tuhan dalam hidup kita. Setelah membaca journey yang di berikan dari JackMa , memang setiap proses ada tahapan – tahapan yang berbeda. Pengalaman merupakan salah hal terpenting dalam proses perjalanan ini. jadi sebagai anak muda jangan kuatir jika kita mengalami kegagalan. Kondisi saat ini saya merasakan hal yang sama, saya mempunya mimpi dan tujuan yang besar, dan itu yang memotivasi saya untuk melakukan hal yang besar. Tapi apa daya ketika Plan dan Reality berbeda ketika dijalankan. dalam 3 tahun menjalankan sebuah bisnis, Saya belajar bahwa sebelum terjun menjadi Entrepreneur kita harus siap gagal. Kita harus di perlengkapi baik oleh mentor ataupun perusahaan tempat kerja kita sebelumnya. Jangan berjalan sendiri!. Temukan mentor yang tepat untuk bersama-sama belajar dengan orang yang berpengalaman.



Saya juga belajar, dalam mencari sebuah team, kita perlu mempunyai 3 hal ini : INTEGRITY, INTELLIGENCE dan MATURITY. Hal ini juga yang harus ada dalam diri saya ketika menjadi seorang Entrepreneur atau Employee. dan hal yang memotivasi saya lagi, JackMa memberikan motivasi kepada anak muda. Spend time on yourself, on the beach, sunshine, it’s normally too late for you to change. This is my advice to young people: At 25-years old, make enough mistakes. Don’t worry. You fall, you stand up. Enjoy it. Enjoy the show.

Sebelum umur 25 ini saya berani mengatakan banyak kegagalan yang saya lakukan. tetapi Sudah saatnya  setelah umur 25 ini THE NEXT BIG THING akan datang.

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Real Spirit of Excellence

Yielding Rights

Enjoy the show!

Enjoy the Journey!

Enjoy all His blessings!

Enjoy the Process, give thanks!



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