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What is ROEPI

ROEPI begins as a community that wants to expose our addiction to Indonesia. We’d love to share all beautiful things about our TANAH AIR, namely food, culture, scenery, and whatnots. Our mission is to help spreading Indonesia’s beautiful assets to the world. While people keep going to exotic and luxurious places overseas, we’d like to remind people that Indonesia has got such places as well.

In our point of view, Indonesia has tremendous upside for being the 4th most populated country in the world. The potential of being a dominant country is there.We begin searching for people who have the same point of view as us, by activating our instagram account and starting a mini campaign “Indonesia bisa lebih baik jika..”

People submitted lots of things (posts) about Indonesia. We found that many people believe that we have not yet reached our maximum potential. People are seeing what ROEPI is seeing; INDONESIA have lots of room to grow. This is just the first step. We know it’s easy to point out what should’ve happened, but now we were wondering how to trigger people to actually start “doing” what they can contribute to Indonesia?


Indonesia’s potential is definitely there, but how do we ensure we reach our highest ceiling? How to start making a difference in the world?
That’s the big question we ask ourselves. As we learn from our first activation that people know we (Indonesia) could be better off. But somehow, people don’t act upon it.

Our observation starts in Jakarta (national capital of Indonesia); where being busy is the norm we live in. When someone is busy, they are doing something.
If everyone is busy, everyone is doing something.
Yet, seeing from the bird view, we still achieve minimal result.

That’s where Think Essential comes in. We question ourselves on how to optimize our result. Our answer is ‘by thinking what’s essential for us’. It’s really easy to get caught in the moment of busyness. We pause and ask ‘do we want to keep listening to the world that never stops talking?’ or ‘do we want to try to reduce the noise, so that we can listen better?

Each individual living in this planet has different goals, but people need to know what their purpose of living is. Once they’re clear of what’s essential for them, every decision should be based on that.
ROEPI would like to invite all of you people, to be part of this Essentialist’s lifestyle
To sum up, ROEPI is an Indonesian community who loves to think essential.



ROEPI melihat bahwa membaca bukan merupakan budaya masyarakat Indonesia; sebagai orang indonesia kelihatan sekali bahwa sekiling kita itu lebih suka “nanya ketimbang baca”.

Yang identik dengan orang indonesia itu adalah “nanya dulu baru baca”, sangat kontras dibanding warga negara barat “baca dulu baru nanya”.

ROEPI menjinjing tinggi nilai essentialist, berikut poin-poin yang ROEPI petik dari topik aan mansyur:

1. Less but Better, mempunyai buku banyak juga tidak sehat untuk kita, lebih baik kita mempunyai sedikit buku tapi benar-benar membaca dan mempraktekannya. Ingat, membeli buku itu tetap konsumsi.

2. Perspektif, jangan menggunakan buku sebagai media yang menunjukkan kita “lebih” dibanding orang lain. Jadikan buku sebagai media yang bisa membantu sesama.

3. Kesunyian, sebagai orang yang hidup di kota. Kesunyian sudah menjadi hal yang sangat langka. apalagi dengan jaman soc-med seperti sekarang. Dengan membaca buku, itu memberikan kita “ruangan”. Dimana kita bisa menggunakan “ruangan” tersebut untuk meraih mimpi kita.


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“We want to show people that “Made in Indonesia” can be blended  and

mixed with essential lifestyle” 

One evening, our team brainstorm together why there are no mass-produced Indonesian brands have yet to scale globally.
Since then,
It becomes our mission to decode what is happening in our society towards “Made in Indonesia”.
But first, we think essential


The factory are serving high end international branded apparel worldwide including USA and Europe. They received the ISO 9002 certificate and is committed to maintain the highest level of quality. They are handling over 400,000 per month to satisfy customer needs. 



This is what the factory breathe everyday in the apparel business; speeds and response time play a big part into customer satisfaction. Hence, hustle will be interpreted on how we respond to buyers needs


Each buyers have different quality standards. Whereas the factory standardizes how apparels quality should be made a wear-worthy. Although with this standard, we keep improving for better quality.


We will reduce any variants which bring no value to customer needs, They will be consistent on everything that they handled


The factory is committed to not just responsive but also deliver customer`s needs.

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