1st Winner Fatstraw Photo Competition

Your Holiday With Fatstraw and get a chance to win Oppo Smartphone and Xiamoi Action Camera.
The best photo of “Holiday Favorite Menu” and “Holiday Moment at Fatstraw” will be curated by Fatstraw team
Here are the rules of Fatstraw Photo Competition:
1. Follow @fatstraw and don’t private your account so our team can see your submitted photos
2. Pick your category to describe your caption “Holiday Favorite Menu” or “Holiday Moment at Fatsraw”, you can submit more than 1 photos
3. Use #fatstrawphotocompetition#holidaywithfatraw
4. Tag Fatstraw and 5 friends to join this competition
5. Put location on your post, so our team will know from which outlet you’re taking your photo
6. This competition is started from 20 December 2016 – 10 January 2017
Happy capturing guys and good luck!!


Here’s our holiday favourite menu with @fatstraw.

Kalo liburan gak kemana – mana? Mending coba menu bobba yang disajikan fatstraw, selain menemani waktu kalian bisa juga jadi mood booster hari kalian biar lebih happy! So, buat kalian yang mau seger, manis dan sensasi baru pas liburan. Lansung aja cus cobain